About Us

Serving Customers Since 1955

Our Founder, Biagio (Bill) Savarino was born in a small Italian town of San Biagio Platani, Sicily. At a young age, Bill came to America and settled in Chicago with his family. He opened his first pizzeria on Chicago’s Southeast Side at the age of 23. Soon after in 1973, Bill formed a partnership with his Uncle Tony and together they built up Capri’s Pizza into one of the most well known pizzerias in Chicago. From the time they were small children, Bill Savarino would take his kids to work and teach them the family business. From this experience, the Savarino Brothers learned and gained their passion in the Pizza and Restaurant business.

With business booming as it was in Chicago, Bill Savarino and his Uncle Tony felt that Bill’s sons possessed the qualities necessary to operate their own Pizzeria and in 1993 they opened their 2nd Capri’s Pizza in Whiting, Indiana. “What a great job they have done over the years to build a wonderful establishment and to make Capri’s the most popular pizzeria in Northwest Indiana,” states Bill Savarino.

Currently, the Savarino clan owns and operates the Capri’s Pizzeria in Northwest Indiana. Keeping with the tradition of a family owned and run business, there is not a single business day in the entire year that you will fail to find one of the owners at their pizzerias. On almost any occasion you can walk into the pizzerias and find them working hard alongside all their loyal employees. “We have employees that have been with us for over 20 years and have become almost like family. We work together, side by side preparing all our dishes to be just right. Going to work everyday, carrying on the tradition and business our Father and Uncle has built over the years, brings great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment,” says Phil Savarino.

Coming to Shorewood— With the continued success of our Capri’s Pizzeria, we felt that it was the right time for a great transition and we opened up our first Savarino’s Pizzeria. We proudly place our family name on our Famous Pizza, Broasted Chicken, Sandwiches and Pasta. The Savarinos are hard-working, dedicated, and passionate in their line of work and proudly prepare every pizza and order for our customers. Our home and hand made ingredients and the passion we put into our trade has even landed our pizza a spot on the Chicago Sun Times’ list of True Chicago Pizzerias. “We don’t hesitate to share with customers one of our most well known ‘secrets’, our fresh home made ingredients!” says Bill Savarino Sr., “Since 1955, we have made our own meatballs, beef, sausage, sauces from scratch. We grind fresh pork meat, add our own seasoning, we mix Our own dough, pizza sauce and pasta sauce is made fresh every day, and our produce for our pizza toppings is delivered fresh. Only the best for our customers.”

The Savarinos continue their ownership and full involvement in the operation of the Capri’s Pizza in Whiting, Indiana, but now they look forward to meeting many friendly faces that will become just as loyal as their Southeast Chicago and Northwest Indiana customers. Our goal is to make Savarino’s Pizza a household name in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago by bringing to them the same secrets and famous recipes from Capri’s Pizza and incorporating them into Savarino Pizza. We look forward to many successful years in the Southwest Suburbs!